Iconic open design

Our design philosophy is to make things as
simple as possible but still be able to do all
required functions to achieve best possible

3 point bed leveling

A horizontal level build plate is very important
for the first layer to attach. The 3 point manual
bed leveling system makes is easy to level the
build plate.

Robust Design

The rigid aluminum frame is the basis of the design.
It is one of the features, which makes the printer
build to last.

Our printers are used in several demanding
applications all over the world. Universities and
research and development institutes rely on the
FELIX 3’s performance.

Industrial grade linear bearings

The linear guides used within a FELIX 3D printer
are from industrial quality. This ensures
minimum friction and optimal long
term precision of a the printer. As a result you will get
high quality prints in a sustainable way.

Easy maintenance

The open design, enables you to observe you
objects come to life conveniently. Next to that is
enables easy maintenance.

Injection molded plastic parts

All functional printer parts are mounted together
with injection molded parts. Used materials are POM
and glass filled nylon.


Bring your 3D printer everywhere with only 9 kg
the FELIX 3 is a light weight 3D printer. With it’s
convenient handle it is very easy to carry your
printer anywhere.