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Lighting up the world

Your home interior reflects your personality, style and individuality.  

We helped our client bring this insight to life in the form of personalized 3D printed lampshades.

  • The brief: Produce a series of twenty 3D printers able to rapidly print custom lampshades, ordered by clients online.
  • The Challenge:
  • The print material is polycarbonate filament, a heat resistant and strong material. This means it must be printed at temperatures of about 150°C more than standard printers
  • High throughput requirements challenges the printing speeds
  • Printers need the volume capacity to print large lampshades
  • The Solution:
  • FELIXprinters created a specialized High Temperature 3D printer, with the ability to print at up to 400°C. A larger nozzle of 1.75mm let’s you print a thick single layer, drastically reducing the time to complete a print. 
  • Within 3 months, FELIXprinters delivered 20 printers, with the commission to deliver an additional 40 that will be destined for locations all over the world. 

Sweet success

Chocolate, famous as one of the world’s favourite and most decadent tastes, needed a new production technique to let its creativity take flight.

    • The brief:

      Our client had a vision to create complex 3D printed chocolate objects at large-scale production capacity.  This project required a high-volume, high-accuracy production system to create beautiful new chocolate objects, at just the right temperature.

    • The Challenge: 
    • Perfect printing conditions are required when printing chocolate. The ideal viscosity is needed when printing, and a cooling mechanism to harden objects when completed. A world-class hygienic environment is standard practice.
    • The Solution: 
    • FELIXprinters developed and created a series of 30 large-volume chocolate 3D printers. The system was designed with an automatic material feeder, and an intelligent mechanized process for continuous printing.
      This international client is now able to print spectacular chocolate creations for their prestigious clients.

How we work

Solution driven


The range of FELIXprinters that we’ve developed and produced in the last 10 years, lay the foundation to optimize and find new solutions for clients. We don’t reinvent the wheel, but build on its success.

Expertise & knowledge

In-house we can boast with the likes of mechatronic engineers, xxx and over 50 years international project management experience, all focused on success for our clients.

Planning & management

The company culture is that of accuracy, efficiency and action. Optimal processes, material selection and output are considered when managing projects for clients.

Perfect execution

We demand nothing but the best from ourselves, for our clients. Rigorous testing, excellent 3D print results and optimal efficiency is our standard practice.

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