NEW: FELIX Pro L / XL 3.0

Unlock the Future of 3D Printing: Fast, Reliable, and Exceptionally Versatile

FELIX Pro L / XL 3.0 3D Printer.


Direct drive

L: 300 x 400 x 400 mm
XL: 400 x 600 x 600 mm

Build Volume

Up to 150 mm/s

Print Speed



Transform Your Industry with FELIX Pro L and XL


  • Bring Your Concepts to Life—No Limits, No Compromises.
  • Say Goodbye to Iteration Costs—Maximize Your ROI Today.
  • Retain autonomy: produce and tweak multiple iterations until saved. Slash lead times with on-demand production and avoid outsourcing logistics


  • Create customisable tools fit for purpose
  • Tools such as jugs, fixtures, nozzles, feeder bowls and brackets
  • Create lighter, stronger and better tools
  • Improve ergonomic design


  • Create casting moulds and masters
  • Maintain control of the entire production process

End-Use parts

  • Agile production method facilitates quick production turnaround
  • Part cost is not connected with part complexity
  • Say Goodbye to Downtime—Our Printers Keep Your Production Line Moving.

Why FELIX Pro L/XL 3.0?

Immerse yourself in a printing experience that brings your designs to life, propels your innovation forward, and offers a seamless blend of efficiency, quality, and durability that makes every print count.


Curious? Discover how the Pro L or XL can be your best investment to date.

Unbeatable Support—We're With You Every Step of the Way.

At FELIX, we believe in a partnership that extends beyond the point of sale. We are with you every step of the way, offering exceptional service and dedicated after-sales support. Trust in us to keep your production line running, with swift, expert assistance whenever you need it.

Masterfully Crafted in the Netherlands—Precision Meets Elegance.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, our printers are a testament to the renowned Dutch design & engineering philosophy. Engineered and assembled in the heart of the Netherlands, FELIX combines functionality, aesthetic appeal and sustainable production practices to deliver cutting-edge 3D printers that are both efficient and elegant.

Built-In Reliability—Because Your Projects Can't Wait.

Your prototypes and custom projects cannot wait - and neither should you. With FELIX, we make reliability our primary mission. Our Pro XL/L FDM 3D printers are designed to withstand the most demanding conditions, ensuring seamless performance day in, day out. This isn't just a printer; it's a promise - a promise of reliability that fuels your innovation.

Design, test and manufacture larger parts using robust and reliable 3D printing

3D Print Larger Parts

The FELIX Pro L and XL series provide a large build-volume platform for producing objects of up to 600x400x600mm.

Save time

Cut down weeks of waiting on third party suppliers.

Quickly and easily modify designs for fast iterations.

Save Money

Cut down on the costs of traditional manufacturing methods for prototyping, tooling and end-part manufacturing.

So Easy to Use, You’ll Forget It’s High Tech.

Make your 3D printing dreams come to life with ease. With our easy-to-setup printers, you’ll be up and running in no time, leaving you more time to focus on creating the amazing models and prototypes you’ve been dreaming of.

Auto-Calibration for Perfect Prints—Every Time.

The printer automatically sets you up for success. The innovative probe mechanism ensures you have a perfect first printed layer. As this is the basis for each print job, it is essential this layer is printed properly. Reducing risk of failure.

Easily Swap Build Plates—For Uninterrupted Creativity.

Remove prints by simply bending the print surface. Even the biggest parts can be removed without tools. This also removes the risk of damaging your printer or prints.

Switch Materials in Seconds—No Tools Required.

With our QuickSwap hot-end, you can easily switch between materials and colors without the use of any tools and under 10 seconds. 

Whisper-Quiet Operation—Perfect for Office Environments.

32-bit motion controller enables silent and smooth movements of the components. Use the printer in an office environment without disturbance.

Intuitive 7-Inch Touch Display—Control at Your Fingertips.

Our user-friendly interface with a 7-inch touch display allows for effortless control, reducing the risk of user error and increasing your overall printing efficiency.
We’re committed to providing you with an effortless 3D printing experience. So, why wait? Choose our printers and start creating amazing prints with ease. Don’t Settle for Less. Order Now and Elevate Your Production Capabilities to New Heights.


Reliability of a printer is determined by several factors. High quality ingredients, a good design and perfect execution.

Less is more

The design philosophy of the FELIX Pro L 3.0 is based on the principle, less is more. We strive to have the minimum number of bolts and find structural strength in the smart shapes and or combining parts in an efficient way.


A big benefit from this is that the less parts there are, the less things that can go wrong and also robustness and quality improves. Less things to maintain etc.

Made from top-notch materials

Industrial motion 

Original HIWIN rails, Industrial grade ball screws, ensuring long term performance. Gates belts and precision machined pulley’s

CNC milled

Parts under critical load are CNC machined from aircraft grade aluminum, steel or engineering plastics

3D printing

Some parts are made by Additive manufacturing from our own print-farm.

Operational Reliability

We focus our efforts to ensure our customers receive the highest reliability for the printing process. Besides the internal influences, also external influences can disturb the printing process. We have a solution for the two most common issues occurring in 3D printing.
  • Higher uptime,
  • Lower maintenance and operational costs.
  • Last but not least a lasting great experience with your 3D printing companion.

Filament flow monitoring

Out of filament detection and also filament flow measurement. Ensures no print is ruined due to filament issues.


This simple yet effective feature pauses your printer when the spool is empty or entangled, enabling maximum success.

Power loss recovery

Avoid the frustration of a ruined 3D printing project due to a power outage with the power outage recovery feature. 


Keep your project on schedule and prevent wasted time and filament.


We focus our efforts to ensure our customers receive the highest reliability for the printing process. Besides the internal influences, also external influences can disturb the printing process. We have a solution for the two most common issues occurring in 3D printing.


Direct drive

L: 300 x 400 x 400 mm
XL: 400 x 600 x 600 mm

Build Volume

Up to 150 mm/s

Print Speed

15 mm3/s

Extrusion speed

Motion system

The new and improved coreXY motion system is one of the most dynamic motion systems. Two motors work simultaneously to create a movement of the extruder.

Especially for quick changes in direction this is the goto motion system. For the end user this means crisp prints in less time.

New Z-axis assembly

GT3 belts ensure accurate motion. The high precision leadscrews ensure smooth operation and accurate printresults. The motor is placed in the cold zone of the printer, ensuring longer lifetime and easier access for maintenance.

Flat Bed

A flat print surface is important for an optimal print result. The printbed of the Pro L and XL features:

  • Plan cast aluminum. Meaning it has no internal stress ensuring the flatness of the plate through countless heatup cycles.
  • Evenly heated by a rubber etched silicone heater.
  • Short heatup times due to high power of 1kW

Dual Extruder

The dual head extruder ensures optimal design freedom. Multi material or multicolor prints are at your disposal

  • Our extruders boast
    Copper heater body, more stable heat
  • Smart Extruder switch system
  • Integrated z-sensor, ensuring an optimal first layer every time.
  • Optional bond tech nozzle enabling 2x more flow.


A perfect blend of form and function. The easy-to-lift top cover and improved accessibility, enable ease of use. The new side doors provide better access to filament spools.

Designed for optimal efficiency


At FELIX, we believe in staying ahead of the curve. That’s why our printers are upgradeable and always future-proof. With our commitment to innovation, you can rest assured that your investment will last for years to come, saving you money on long-term operational costs.


Upgrade kits coming soon …

Monitor Your Prints Remotely—For Peace of Mind.

With the webcam module, you are able to monitor your print-jobs to check the status of the printjob. In case the printer is connected to the network, you can also check the print progress from outside the office.

Very convenient for the over the weekend print-jobs and you want to know what is going on.

Compatible with Leading Software—For Ultimate Versatility.

Our printers are open to use any software, however to make it easy, we deliver the printers with the best and most versatile software available. Simplify3D.


The intuitive interface and preconfigured slice profiles makes the learning curve minimal.

Wide Selection of materials

The Pro L and XL can work with almost all commercially available plastic filaments. We have selected a subset of high quality filaments which are guaranteed to print without hassle


a tough, easy to use high-grade PLA type of filament
The most commonly used and popular filament. Very easy to print especially for large objects.
Learn more

Premium PLA

Highest available grade PLA
It is the improved version of our standard PLA, better base material, resulting in improved mechanical properties
Learn more


Strong, high clarity, easy to print
is a strong, high clarity, odor neutral and easy to print.
Learn more


Next generation ABS, zero warp technology
Next generation ABS-X, has same properties as regular ABS, but with superior printability
Learn more


UV-resistant, high impact resistance
Similar properties to ABS-X, but is UV resistant
Learn more


TPU based filament. Easy to print
Flexible filament which is easy to print. Highly flexible and good temperature resistance.
Learn more

Support Material

E.g. water soluble PVA to support complex prints
Cold water soluble support material for dual extrusion. Thermally stable and optimal shelve life
learn more


 Pro LPro XL
Build Size XYZ (mm)300x400x400600x400x600
Build Volume (l)48144
Compatible materialsPLA, ABS, ASA, PVA, PETG, TPU, NYLON, and many more
Layer height (mm)0.05 – 0.5
XYZ resolution (microns);XY, 1.6, Z: 0.15
Print speed (mm/s)150 (max)
Movement speed (mm/s)350 (max)
Extruder typeDual Direct Drive
Filament Diameter (mm)1.75
Nozzle typeStandard 0.5mm brass, optional: 0.25, 0.35, 0.5 and 0.7mm hardened steel
Nozzle temperature (˚C)280
Build platform8mm aluminum casted buildplate, with spring steel flexplate
Bed Temperature (˚C)110
MonitoringFilament flow detection, Webcam, powerloss detection
Machine Dimensions (mm);600 x 660 x 766906 x 666 x 966
Weight (kg);6380
Power Input110V (50Hz) – 220V (60Hz)
Max Power (W)1600
ConnectivityUSB, LAN, WIFI
Safety CertificationCE

We offer flexibility to your operational finances


At FELIXprinters it is possible to lease a 3D printer from a minimum of 1 month. The advantage of this is that you are completely unburdened, including service and maintenance of the printer. Contact us for more information about our lease concept.

Renting / Hire-purchase

At FELIXprinters it is possible to rent a 3D printer for a limited period. The advantage of this is that we offer you the opportunity to determine whether our 3D printer meets all your expectations before you purchase. Contact us for more information about our rental / hire-purchase concept.

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