Your Technology Supplier, Strategic Partner and Guide As You Unlock The Potential of 3D Printing For Innovative Product Design, Education, Research & Development and Production.

FELIXprinters is headquartered in IJsselstein, the Netherlands, and was established in 2011, and has since established itself as one of only a very few 3D printing technology suppliers that has an understanding of the requirements of the market for 3D printers.

The Company

Any successful 3D printing technology supplier today MUST before anything else provide machines and a level of service that caters for the demands of industry users. Industry today is embracing 3D printing to achieve critical business goals such as increased innovation in product design and development, reduction in time from design to market, and cost-effective prototyping and production.

FELIXprinters provides top-end, robust, reliable, and competitively priced 3D printing solutions for industry users, and sets itself apart from other technology providers by the extent of the relationship that it encourages with its customers. We believe that for our OEM customers to get the best from their use of 3D printing, they need to work with the technology supplier, and see us as a strategic partner and advisor. We work closely with all our industrial customers to ensure that the use of the technology is optimised for each individual application.

To this end, FELIXprinters is able to utilize its extensive R&D capabilities to provide specific services in the development of tailor made, customised 3D printing platforms — working in partnership to produce new and innovative solutions.

Moreover, because FELIXprinters has a reputation for providing market-leading 3D printers, it is also uniquely able to fulfil the needs of educational institutions and the serious maker end of the market as well.

FELIXprinters works closely with schools, colleges and universities in providing 3D desktop printers that are ideally suited to demonstrate the functionality and versatility of 3D printing for an array of applications to students and next generation engineers.

In addition, for the high-end maker community, we provide 3D printers that exhibit superior functionality and reliability at the same price point as alternative suppliers. The simple question for all makers should be, if for the same price you could buy a Trabant or a Bentley, why would you ever buy a Trabant?

FELIXprinters is a 3D printing partner for the long-term, and to this end offers a series of ongoing upgrades and readily available service refit options to maximize users’ productivity with their FELIX 3D printers.

What we do

We provide creative minds a valuable tool to realize their ideas by developing and selling premium desktop 3D printers.

Our products are highly suitable for business and education use. But also for the end consumer who values upgradability, reliability, ease of use, customer service and premium build quality.


Be an iconic brand in the field of 3d printing. Where customers value us on our premium quality and reliable products.

Our History

It is 2010 when Guillaume Feliksdal decides to build a humanoid robot that he developed during his studies and during the first years of his career. To create the necessary parts for his robot, Guillaume purchased a DIY-kit RepRap 3D printer. The final output quality of his RepRap machine was quite disappointing and he saw a lot of room for improvement. The idea to develop and build his very own 3D printer was born at that very moment.

In 2011, together with Wilgo Feliksdal, his dad, Guillaume started FELIXprinters. The first 3D printer they put up for sale was the FELIX 1.0. The demand for the FELIX 1.0 was skyrocketing. To supply the market, they had their offices and ‘factory’ at home. That means they both had about ten 3D printers at home for production purposes.

Barely after a year Guillaume and his dad decided to move to a real office. With the innovation power of Guillaume and the management and sales experience of Wilgo they form a good team. Even in this fast-paced environment in the field of 3D printing they made a professional and flying start. It was the beginning of a business that would eventually work with a large selection of resellers and ship 3D printers worldwide.

Their idea was, and still is, to create products that are fit for purpose and are upgradable. Fit for purpose is clearly noticeable in the design – there is not a single bolt, screw or tube too much. Every component in a FELIX 3D printer comes with a specific purpose. In 2015 Guillaume and his dad decided it was time for a bigger office since the company grew to about 12 employees. In the meantime the network of resellers grew to about 50. In the same year FELIXprinters brought 3D printing to a whole new level with their first 3D printer in the Professional Series, the FELIX Pro 1.

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