FELIX - Contributing To Global Makers Community

Readily Adopted Among Makers

The rapid development of desktop 3D printing in the last decade has made it much more accessible and one area where 3D printing continues to be readily adopted is among the Maker Movement — a global community movement that is growing in numbers and which embraces the philosophies of making, learning, and sharing.

Giving Versatility For Makers

The FELIX Tec Series of 3D printers are designed to provide a highly functioning 3D printing tool for makers that want to focus on making with a reliable, high quality output. Available fully assembled or in kit form, the FELIX TEC series offers makers the versatility they need with fully upgradeable options at a really competitive price point. Moreover, the growing community of FELIXprinters’ users provide an open and honest forum for users to share and collaborate further.

Why choose FELIXprinters as a Maker?

Whether for individual use or in a maker space environment, the FELIX TEC series are a perfect fit. The price point is sensitive to budgets but the real value is found in the FELIXprinters approach to quality. Every component of the TEC series printers are developed and sourced to ensure reliable prints in any environment.


FELIX Tec 4.1