Easily keep your machine up to date at
the fraction of the costs to buy a new

Upgrade your FELIX

Upgrade from any prior version to the 3.2. The
latest state of technology for the FELIXprinters

People from the felix 1.0 can still upgrade to the 3.2

Build your own printer

The FELIX 3 also comes in a DIY kit where you
are able to assemble the printer yourself based
on clear instructions. This is the best DIY 3D
printer that is available on the market and ideal
for educational purposes.

Extruder design

The modular design allows you to adjust the FELIX 3D printer with just
the functions you need to make the printer fit for purpose. The FELIX technical staff
is also available for any advice needed.

Paste extruding

In collaboration with Structur3d the DISCOV3RY
unit was created to be able to print with pastes
like silicone, nutella and wood filler. This is a
standard add on you can make on your FELIX

Laser Unit

Engrave your ideas with a high power laser
mounted on your printer. This setup is
developed in collaboration with j tech electronics

Community upgrades

Our active FELIX community also contributes to upgrades on the 3D printer. Find some
examples here: https://www.thingiverse.com/jjlink/collections/felix-stuff-to-make