Innovation for customer satisfaction.

EU designed and manufactured control board

Our control board is designed in the Netherlands
and manufactured within the EU ensuring best
possible quality.

It is an Arduino based (atmega 2560) control
board working at 12V. Able to drive 5 motors , 3
high power heaters and several other I/O’s. All
without the need of active cooling.

The board is innovatively designed that it is
passively cooled.

Wide range of connectivity options.

To give you the ability to use your preferred way to control
your printer there are several connectivity options.

USB connection.

Print directly via the USB connection with our FELIXbuilder software or any other software.

Standalone SD card printing.

Prepare print-jobs offline and print them directly from the printer via a microSD card. This is the most robust way to print.

Optional WIFI module.

By using the element from PrintR, you can control your printer via your internal wifi network or via the cloud. Ideal for office use, where it is easy for multiple users to control the printer over the network.

Heated bed

Besides increasing reliability, a heated bed
allows you to print more materials with your 3D
printer. Materials with a high print temperature
like ABS, PETG need a heated bed to stay
attached and not deform

The FELIX 3 has a 144W bed heater. Extremely
lightweight design, with a kapton foil heater and
aluminum sandwich plate.

Direct drive extruder

The material is pulled into the extruder very
close by the nozzle. Th is enables precise and
reliable control of material flow. This enables
high quality prints and also gives you the ability
to print flexible filaments.

Hot ends

The FELIX hot-ends are simple and reliable. They
have proven themselves to print almost any material
and to achieve a temperature of 275degC.

Long print jobs 40+hours are not a problem.

Extruder design

The Extruder design has a modular design with an optional 2nd extruder. If you start with only 1 extruder you
will always be able to upgrade your printer to a dual head extruder. The 2nd extruder is manually adjustable
in height to easily set the correct offset for printing.

Open filament system

Our open filament system let’s you use the filament
of your choice. We supply many types of filaments
ourself: PLA, PET(G), Flex, ABS, PVA, Wood, Glass,
Mineral, though your choice is not limited to these

In principle we can print any material as long as it
require less than 275 degC to print and if it comes in
a string.