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Unlimited design freedom

10x Faster time to market.

50x Lower prototyping costs.

ROI after just 5 prints.

FDM 3D printers for additive manufacturing

Industrial, professional and educational printers. Our products make use of FDM (fused depositing modeling) technology. With our broad product offering, you can be sure there is a perfect fit for your application. 

You can choose from several versatile printer platforms. Which are all upgradable, allowing a sustainable way to keep up with technology at a fraction of the costs  We strive for best in class performance for a cost effective price, with our excellent customer service we will ensure your success.

Why FELIXprinters



Protect your investment, with future incremental upgrades and keep up to date at a fraction of the costs.

Dutch Design

Dutch Design

Made according to dutch quality standards, ensuring proper operation of your printer.

Customer Service

Customer Service

In case you need any help, our customer service department will help you to solve your issues as soon as possible.

Printing solution for every application.

Printing solution for every application.

You can find a 3D printing solution for every application.

FELIXprinters Product Range

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Big industrial prints, reliably and efficiently

Immerse yourself in a printing experience that brings your designs to life, propels your innovation forward, and offers a seamless blend of efficiency, quality, and durability that makes every print count.


The FELIX Pro L and XL printers are suitable for large volume prints and is specifically designed for industrial applications. Besides the big build volume of 400 x 600 x 600mm (144 Liter), the printer boasts important features that provide a best-in-class user experience.


The best professional desktop experience in a powerful package

The FELIX Pro 3, is a powerful machine which brings a smile to every power user who just want to print without hassle. The Pro 3D platform is perfectly suited to create prototypes and small scale production parts for a wide range of applications.


FELIX TEC series

The Workhorse, build to last and ideal for education

A trustworthy work-horse that’s built to last with high quality components such as full metal print heads and industrial grade linear guides. ‘Plug & Play’


Our printers accept a wide range of filaments. To ensure best operation and user experience a pre-selection of filaments has been made.


a tough, easy to use high-grade PLA type of filament
The most commonly used and popular filament. Very easy to print especially for large objects.
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Premium PLA

Highest available grade PLA
It is the improved version of our standard PLA, better base material, resulting in improved mechanical properties
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Strong, high clarity, easy to print
is a strong, high clarity, odor neutral and easy to print.
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Next generation ABS, zero warp technology
Next generation ABS-X, has same properties as regular ABS, but with superior printability
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UV-resistant, high impact resistance
Similar properties to ABS-X, but is UV resistant
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TPU based filament. Easy to print
Flexible filament which is easy to print. Highly flexible and good temperature resistance.
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Support Material

E.g. water soluble PVA to support complex prints
Cold water soluble support material for dual extrusion. Thermally stable and optimal shelve life
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Accelerate your tailormade projects, at a rapid pace together with our 3D printing experts. Besides knowledge of 3D printing we also provide industrial automation solution. Allowing you to achieve your 3D printing goals within the least amount of time.

FELIX BIOprinter

FELIX BIOprinter

High Performance, customizable BIOprinting

The FELIX BIOprinter raises the bar in terms of flexibility and adaptability, and is ideally suited for an array of research, scientific, and medical applications. The unique features of the system allow the BIOprinter to print with two different material types within the same print, improve material dosage and material flow, and print a wide range of viscosities and bio-inks.

FELIX FOOD 3D printer

Get creative with personalized food printing

With a FELIX FOOD 3D Printer in your kitchen’s arsenal, you now have the ability to create and produce unique and unsurpassed creations everyday.


Our printers are designed to the highest standards to meet the environment rigors of your kitchen. From easy prep to the final product, FELIXprinters is the correct choice in FOOD 3D Printing and creation design support.



Implementing 3D printing as an effective prototype solution

The bottom line is I am past all of the novice mistakes and am now printing nice pieces with my FELIXprinter and I am extremely satisfied.  I have been telling everyone about them and their dedication to service.  An art that has been long lost with 90% of all other companies out there.  Felix, Andy and the Pali Proto team all know and understand how to take care of a customer.  I am very grateful for every one of them and I am looking forward to a fun 3D printing season.



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