The Pro 3 has been designed and manufactured to offer the highest possible price / performance ratio in its class with dedicated features that ensure minimal downtime and optimal performance as well as high quality parts.



Enable Maximum design freedom


Whisper Silent Operation.


To start your print.


Print almost any commercially available print material

Dual material printing made easy

The innovative dual head enables optimal design freedom.

One of the major improvements is the dual extruder design. Based on the knowledge from the Pro 2, it is built from the ground up enabling a significant improvement in print quality.

Enjoy with the Pro 3

2x faster dual head printing

Optimized extruder heaters reduce dual head printing time in half

3x more cooling power

More powerfull and homogeneous power enables extruder plastic to cool down faster and more evenly allowing better defined print details and overhang printing

Improved print repeatability

due to better temperature stability in heater blocks and also more accurate geometry of extruder assembly

Printing Crisp dual head prints

due to virtually no color bleeding with the variable print-head height system.

Dual Radial Blower

The new dual radial fan setup generates 3x more power compared to it’s predecessor. Besides more power the filament is now cooled from both sides enabling more detailed prints and better overhang* performance.

*Overhang = the angle of the object with respect to the build platform. The smaller the angle the better it is.

Filament flow detection

Never a failed print due to lack of filament or a clogged extruder. Saving valuable time and prevents wasted filament.

Quickswap Print-head

Increase productivity. Changing a hot-end never has been so simple. Within 10 seconds you can swap a hot-end. Making maintenance a breeze and also enabling a hot-end for each material.

Silent Operation at just 34 dBA

Smooth motion with high performance 32bit ARM controller

Based on the Arduino DUE platform a new control board was designed. It boasts a 32bit ARM processor at high clock speeds. This makes it able to use stepper drivers which can do 128th micro stepping allowing extremely low noise operation of the stepper motors.

Easy to use

Maximize productivity with

automated and intelligent features

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