The FELIX Pro 3 is designed to make industrial 3D printing as accessible as possible. For new users, 3D printing can be overwhelming. We strive to make the learning curve as easy and intuitive as possible.

This makes the Pro 3 printer especially suitable for industrial use and users who want fast and accurate parts without having to learn the intricate nature of a 3D printer in order to get good results.

6 Quick Facts: FELIX Pro 3 makes 3D printing easy

1. Automatic motorized calibration saves users upto 1 hour of tweaking.

2. Flex plate saves users at least 2-3 minutes per print and prevents damage when removing the printed object.

3. QuickSwap print-heads allow users to change printheads in less than 20 seconds.

4. Foldable bed means you can take your printer anywhere.

5. Simplify3D printer software simply the best software available.

6. Intuitive touchscreen – allows multiple users.

Automatic motorized calibration
for optimal results

The FELIX Pro 3 performs calibration more accurately, with less steps and in the least amount of time.

A perfect print starts with a properly calibrated machine.

The innovative probe sensor integrated in the print-head and motorised bed of the Pro 3 ensures a properly calibrated machine, with the following steps carried out:

1. Accurate measurement between printhead and print surface.

2. Properly aligned print surface.

3. Height difference between print-head nozzles (for dual head)

4. Distance between nozzles in xy plane (for dual head)

FLEXplate enables Easy object removal

When printing large objects, the adhesion of the object to the print-service can be very high. This can be an issue when you remove the object from the bed, increasing the risk of damaging your object and/or the machine.

With the FLEXplate solution the FELIX Pro enables easy object removal and handling of your prints. You can even use more plates for each situation/material.

QuickSwap Hot-ends

Changing print-heads is easier than ever. Takes less than 10 seconds to change an extruder.

Why would that be beneficial?

1. It is a part which needs regular maintenance.

2. Gives you the ability to switch materials quickly.

3. Ability to use different nozzle sizes, to better suit your project(s).

Quickswap Print-head

Increase productivity. Changing a hot-end never has been so easy. Within 10 seconds you can swap a hot-end, making maintenance a breeze and also enabling a hot-end for each material.

Simplify3D 3D-printing software

The best software available, to achieve the best possible print quality.

Simplify3D is powerful 3D printing software that provides complete control over your print settings, making it easier to consistently produce high-quality 3D prints.

Start up quickly with pre-configured settings optimized for FELIXprinters, review a simulation of your build sequence in the Preview Mode, and begin your 3D print with confidence.

Powerful touchscreen interface

Remote print progress monitoring, printfarm ready