FELIXprinters 3D Printer Post-Purchase Survey

Thank you for choosing FELIXprinters for your 3D printing needs! 

We value your feedback and would appreciate it if you could take a few minutes to share your experience with us. 

As a token of our appreciation, you will receive 2 free filament spools on your next order after completing this survey. Your insights will help us improve our products and services.


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    1. Printer*

    What printer did you purchase?

    2. Overall Experience*

    How satisfied are you with your FELIXprinter 3D printer purchase?

    3. Product Features.*

    Which features of the FELIXprinter 3D printer do you appreciate the most? (Select up to 3)


    4. Setup and Usage.*

    How easy was it to set up and start using your FELIXprinter 3D printer?

    5. Support and Documentation.*

    How would you rate the user manual and online resources provided by FELIXprinters?

    6. Customer Support*

    Have you contacted our customer support team?

    If yes: How would you rate your experience with our customer support team?

    7. Value for Money.*

    Do you feel the FELIXprinter 3D printer offers good value for its price?

    8. Future improvements.

    What improvements or additional features would you like to see in future FELIXprinter models?

    9. Recommendations.*

    How likely are you to recommend FELIXprinters to a friend or colleague?

    10. Additional Feedback.

    Please share any other comments, suggestions, or feedback you have about your FELIXprinter 3D printer or your experience with our company.

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