Industrial-grade 3D Printing
with Flexible Payment Solutions

Financial Lease, Rent, or Purchase starting from just 360 Euros per month

FELIX Pro L / XL 3.0 3D Printer.

Budget Friendly

Always in peak condition

Premium support included

Financial Lease Program

With our financial lease program, you can have the high-quality 3D printer you need for as little as a one-month commitment. Your lease includes comprehensive service and maintenance, giving you peace of mind and uninterrupted productivity. Contact us to enjoy a worry-free 3D printing experience with FELIXprinters.

Renting / Hire-Purchase Options

Experience our industrial-grade 3D printers first-hand with our flexible rental and hire-purchase options. This option allows you to ensure our printers meet all your expectations before making a purchase commitment. Get in touch with us for more information about our flexible rental and hire-purchase programs.

Why lease / rent a FELIX printer?

Investing in a high-quality, industrial-grade 3D printer is a crucial decision for any business looking to embrace the power of additive manufacturing. But such an investment can be significant. That’s where FELIXprinters’ leasing / renting program comes into play.


With leasing, you can start utilizing a top-of-the-line FELIX Pro 3.0 printer starting from just 360 Euros per month. It provides a budget-friendly way to access state-of-the-art 3D printing technology without the upfront costs associated with purchasing.

Worry-Free Maintenance

One of the challenges of owning a 3D printer is ensuring it stays in peak condition. With our leasing program, your FELIX printer comes with comprehensive service and maintenance included, ensuring your printer is always ready for action, and your business doesn't suffer from unexpected downtime.

Upgrade Flexibility

Technology evolves rapidly, and so do your business needs. Leasing offers the flexibility to upgrade your FELIX printer as new models become available or as your printing requirements change. This way, you're always equipped with our most advanced and suitable 3D printing technology.

Tax Benefits

Depending on your region, leasing equipment can offer potential tax benefits, as lease payments can often be deducted as business expenses.

Our new flagship 3D printer

FELIX Pro XL / L 3.0

Ready to push the boundaries of 3D printing? The 3.0 series are our most reliable, sturdy, durable & fast 3D printers up to date, ready to cater to all your industrial needs.

With our leasing & renting program you can take the perfect step into additive manufacturing.

Extended Warranty

At FELIXprinters, your printer's longevity is our priority. For extra security, we offer the option to extend the standard two-year warranty by an additional 1, 2, or 3 years. This extended warranty, available exclusively in the Netherlands, Belgium, and Germany, is applicable only in conjunction with a service/maintenance subscription. Guarantee your 3D printer's operational efficiency with our extended warranty and service/maintenance subscription.

Service / Maintenance Subscription

Our comprehensive service/maintenance subscriptions ensure your 3D printer stays in peak condition. Our expert technicians check, adjust and replace user wear parts as necessary, maintaining optimal performance and minimizing downtime. If during the routine service, we find a defect not covered by the service, we will aim to replace it on the spot. The cost of this subscription is conveniently debited monthly by direct debit. Enhance your 3D printing operations with our service/maintenance subscriptions, also available in combination with an extended warranty.

Industrial applications with the FELIX Pro L and XL


  • Design and test concepts with ease
  • Very low to zero iteration costs
  • Retain autonomy: produce and tweak multiple iterations until saved. Slash lead times with on-demand production and avoid outsourcing logistics


  • Create customisable tools fit for purpose
  • Tools such as jugs, fixtures, nozzles, feeder bowls and brackets
  • Create lighter, stronger and better tools
  • Improve ergonomic design


  • Create casting moulds and masters
  • Maintain control of the entire production process

End-Use parts

  • Agile production method facilitates quick production turnaround
  • Part cost is not connected with part complexity
  • Low downtime in the production cycle

Design, test and manufacture larger parts using robust and reliable 3D printing

3D Print Larger Parts

The FELIX Pro L and XL series provide a large build-volume platform for producing objects of up to 600x400x600mm.

Save time

Cut down weeks of waiting on third party suppliers.

Quickly and easily modify designs for fast iterations.

Save Money

Cut down on the costs of traditional manufacturing methods for prototyping, tooling and end-part manufacturing.

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