FELIX Pro Series

For Professional & Industrial Use

The FELIX Pro Series

The FELIX Pro Series offers a range of smart, durable and upgradable 3D printer options that perfectly combines an intuitive work flow with professional quality parts within any office, studio, or factory environment. Importantly, and distinctly, all Pro series 3D printers from FELIXprinters come with a unique service and support partnership that sets FELIXprinters apart.

The FELIX Pro Series provide professional quality, reliable, and highly functioning 3D printer solutions for product development and engineering applications, the design of the 3D printers being both aesthetic and functional.

With the modular DNAa and proven technology of our award winning 3D printers the machines are both dependable and upgradable. Only the best possible components and materials are developed and used to ensure optimal performance of the FELIX Pro Series. This quality approach in combination with high level service and support guarantees FELIXprinters as a key strategic partner for all your 3D printing business requirements.