PLA Premium

Highest available grade PLA

The most commonly used and popular filament. Very easy to print especially for large objects. Has a relatively high stiffness but more brittle than other filaments.


FELIX Tec series, Pro series

PLA Premium filament is manufactured from PLA Ingeo 3D870 resin, a biodegradable material specifically designed for 3D printing by NatureWorks, a world leader in biopolymers manufacturing.


This filament has superior thermal and mechanical performance compared to regular PLA, being comparable to ABS, maintaining the ease of printing of PLA without the emission of toxic vapors of ABS.


To achieve its maximum performances, post-processing of printed parts is recommended. This process allows its softening temperature to be increased up to 85oC (much higher than any standard PLA) and its impact resistance (5 times more resistant than ABS).


Ideal for the manufacture of parts for industrial applications that require high mechanical and thermal performance. It is available in several colours with a high gloss and excellent opacity.

Other Filaments


a tough, easy to use high-grade PLA type of filament
The most commonly used and popular filament. Very easy to print especially for large objects.
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Premium PLA

Highest available grade PLA
It is the improved version of our standard PLA, better base material, resulting in improved mechanical properties
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Strong, high clarity, easy to print
is a strong, high clarity, odor neutral and easy to print.
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Next generation ABS, zero warp technology
Next generation ABS-X, has same properties as regular ABS, but with superior printability
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UV-resistant, high impact resistance
Similar properties to ABS-X, but is UV resistant
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TPU based filament. Easy to print
Flexible filament which is easy to print. Highly flexible and good temperature resistance.
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Support Material

E.g. water soluble PVA to support complex prints
Cold water soluble support material for dual extrusion. Thermally stable and optimal shelve life
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