BIOprinter functionality

The FELIX BIOprinter raises the bar in terms of flexibility and adaptability, and is ideally suited for an array of research, scientific, and medical applications. The unique features of the system allow the BIOprinter to print with two different material types within the same print, improve material dosage and material flow, and print a wide range of viscosities and bio-inks.

Syringe and bed plate heating / cooling

Print a wide range of viscosities


Print heads for dual material printing


FELIXprinters has nearly 10-years experience developing robust, cost-effective, accurate, and ground-breaking 3D printing solutions. All this experience has been used to develop the modular and easy to use BIOprinter.

Expertise cumulated to develop the optimum userfriendly design

UV Light Effectively and gently cure printed parts

Open System
No restriction to type of labware or equipment

Upgradable Design, did you know that all FELIXprinters are upgradable?

We have designed our machines to be future-proof.  You can upgrade quickly and easily when new advancements and technologies are launched. Guarantee a lifetime of use from your FELIX BIOprinter, and eliminate the need to invest in an entirely new printer to stay up to date to newest developments.

The UV curing module allows you to print with UV curable viscous materials. The high-powered UV light module enables quick curing of a layer to harden it to the desired consistency.

Open System, the FELIX BIOprinter consists of a flexible & adaptable ecosystem to ensure it can meet the needs of a wide range of research applications without generating unnecessary costs. The FELIX BIOprinter has been designed to use any standard 5 ml syringe, meaning it is not restricted to expensive branded products that drive up operating costs. Similarly, standardised petri-dishes and culture plates are easily accommodated ensuring no limitations on type of instruments and materials to be used.  

Your support in bioprinting

Discover the range of bioinks suited for specific medical and research needs.

BIO INX® is a spin-off company of Ghent University focusing on the commercialisation of materials and bio-inks for 3D bioprinting or biofabrication by utilizing decades of academic experience in the field of polymers and biomaterials.

By offering a unique material portfolio with a diverse range of material properties, the applications become nearly limitless: the bio-inks can be applied for various tissue types with applications in regenerative medicine and drug and cosmetics screening. Additionally, by offering a bio-ink portfolio suitable for multiple printing technologies, attainable resolutions range from hundreds of micrometers to hundreds of nanometers.

STABLE INX F100© and SUPPORT INX© F100 is developed specifically for use with the FELIX BIO printer and is sold exclusively through FELIXprinters.  Download the product information sheet for full specifications.

STABLE INX© F100 is a synthetic cell-interactive scaffold ink. It allows an easy printing process as a result of its shear thinning behaviour. At high shear rates, it exhibits low viscosity which is favourable for an easy injection from the printing nozzle. However, at low shear rates it exhibits high viscosity, which is required for shape retention after deposition.

Download STABLE INX F100 Product Information Sheet

SUPPORT INX© F100 is a temperature-stable sacrificial ink. It allows an easy printing process as a result of its shear thinning behaviour. At high shear rates, it exhibits a low viscosity which is important for an easy injection from the printing nozzle. Once ejected from the nozzle it quickly recovers its shape, which is crucial for high shape fidelity structuring.

Download SUPPORT INX F100 Product Information Sheet

Empower the flow of your research

Claro delivers advanced gelatins for tissue engineering.

ClaroTM originated in 2018 following an innovative idea developed between PB Leiner (part of Tessenderlo Group) – a leading global manufacturer of high-quality gelatins and collagen peptides – and Tessenderlo Group’s Innovation Center.

PB Leiner’s expertise in gelatins ignited the breakthrough in materials for bioprinting applications: gelatin with outstanding printability in extrusion-based bioprinting. Claro was incubated at the Tessenderlo Innovation Center and supported by a cross-functional team of scientists with backgrounds in organic chemistry, biochemistry, bioengineering, and chemical engineering, as well as over 30 years of activity in the pharma segment (developing and producing active pharmaceutical ingredients). 

Claro™ and FELIX BIOprinters ensure successful bioprinting with GelMA

FELIXprinters has joined forces with Claro to supply extrusion-based printable gels. Claro develops gelatin featuring tailored behavior for extrusion-based bioprinting. It can also be offered in a functionalized form. This powerful combination of material and printing technology will ensure bioprinting without interruptions and no nozzle blockage.

Claro™ BG800


For research use only. Not for human use.


BG800 is a gelatin-based bio-ink modified with methacryloyl groups (GelMA) exhibiting rheological properties tailored for extrusion-based bioprinting. BG800 overcomes clogging and poor shape-fidelity without affecting the intrinsic biocompatibility of gelatin and the gel strength of the matrix. BG800 is crosslinkable under UV or visible light, depending on the photo-initiator used in the formulation.


BG800 is produced under high-quality standards of purification, ensuring ultra-low levels of impurities such as methacrylic acid and guaranteeing batch-to-batch consistency.


BG800 is available in:

BG800 3 x 500 mg
BG800 6 x 500 mg
BG800 12 x 500 mg
BG800 Hydrogel 2 x 5 ml
BG800 Hydrogel 4 x 5 ml
BG800 Hydrogel 10 x 5 ml

Request quote for bioinks

Tell us more about your needs so we can advise you to make the right selection in the type and quantity of bioinks for your specific needs.


To facilitate ease of use, the BIOprinter uses industry standard and market-leading slicing software. This allows users the ability to take advantage of the versatility of the BIOprinter, and to have total freedom to explore the possibilities of specific applications.

Uses standard slicing software – Simplify 3D, the best slicing software available on the market right now. For a fully in-control, fully customizable user experience.

Effectively and gently cure printed parts Wireless connectivity – synchronize files across devices

Ease of use

We recommend and have preconfigured Simplify3D, the best slicing software available on the market. Several presets are programmed to get you started quickly.  Simply adapt your project designs to suit your needs.

Touchscreen with user friendly interface and embedded print server, allows remote print file monitoring, multi-user environment and print-file management.

All information at your fingertips, duration of print, Estimated time of completion, calibration, tutorials

Unique nozzle probing system, enables automated bed leveling and calibration of the nozzles. This gives a perfect first layer, saving you valuable research time.

Camera module let’s you monitor your prints remotely from your smartphone or PC.

Ultimate research freedom

The novel dual head dispensing unit allows you to use almost any viscous material accurately. You have ultimate design freedom with the flexible dispensing unit.


Dispensing on the FELIX BIOprinter is performed with a linear motor. This allows accurate dosing and retraction capabilities. These are two crucial criteria for reliable and precise end results.

Material Types

The BIOprinter dispenses a wide range of viscous materials up to a viscosity of 64 000 Centipoise. You have the ability to extrude materials and bio-inks that range in consistency from liquids to pastes.

Open Source System

The printer is designed to use standardized 5ml Luer lock syringes. Benefits of this are:

  • This volume is large enough to facilitate research needs
  • Accurate
  • Low cost
  • Easy to obtain
  • Sterile

Development and accreditation

Highly engineered system developed in collaboration with Technical University of Denmark to deliver high quality output for a wide range of biological applications. The FELIX BIO printer is developed in association with TRAINING4CRM and the European Commission

Participating Researchers


This project has been funded by the European Union Horizon 2020 Programme (H2020-MSCA-ITN-2016) under the Marie Skłodowska-Curie Innovative Training Network and Grant Agreement No. 722779

10 reasons to select

Fully sterilizable
Designed to use standard 5 ml syringes / petri dishes / culture plates
Powerful FELIX touchscreen interface, adaptable to multi-machine farm operations
Syringe cooling / heating
Print bed cooling / heating
Dual syringe system, with fast and easy change-over
Easy Syringe positioning
Automatic bed levelling
Virtually Silent operation
Fully upgradeable

Technical Specifications

Layer Resolution: to 50 microns

Build Plate: Aluminium sandwich plate with steel flexplate.

Print head: Dual syringe operation

Syringe Specs: 5 ml syringe(s)

Build Speed/s: Recommended build speed is 20 mm/s. Speed depends on material viscosity.

Typical print accuracy: ± 0.05 mm for sizes below 20 mm

Syringe Min/Max print temperatures: 0-50 ˚C

Syringe heat up time / cooling times: 10 seconds

XYZ resolution: XY, 1.6 microns, Z: 0.15 micron

Dimensions & Weight: 430 x 390 x 550 mm, 11.5kg

Build Volume: XYZ = 130 x 210 x 130 mm

Extrusion width: greater than 0.1mm, depending on nozzle size

Extrusion resolution: 0.000180 ml per step

Software: Simplify3D (Included in BIOprinter purchase) , Repetier-Host for FELIXprinters, freely downloadable (Open source)

Supported OS: Windows 7 and upwards, Mac OS X, Linux (repetier-host)

Supported file types:  STL, Obj, 3MF

Printer communication (standard): USB serial, Standalone via micro SD card (included)

Printer communication (Touchscreen): USB stick, WIFI, Wired Ethernet

Operating ambient temperatures:  15 to 32 °C / 60 – 90 °F

Storage temperatures: 0 to 32 °C

Input: 100 – 240V, 4A, 50-60Hz, 221 W max.

Output: 24 V DC, 9.2 A

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