Come to the best final design within matter of days instead of months.

Make your design tangible and see yourself where the design can be improved

Discuss your design with colleagues to come to the best result

Fit different parts together to get a working prototype

Benefits of 3D printing for Engineers:

  • 3D printing shortens the development time from months to a few of days
  • Fast iterations at the fraction of the costs. Apply small tweaks to your design to get the best possible result.
  • Easily verify a design before investing in an expensive mold.
  • Create objects which are not possible to make with conventional fabrication methods.

Why choose FELIXprinters?

  • The best customer service, we want you to print
  • Proven track record, we have been producing 3D printers since 2011
  • Dual head printing, allows you to create the most complex objects.
  • Automatic calibration & filament detection, no errors in adjustments or due to bad filament
  • Open source Filament, you can use filament of any brand you like.