Black Friday Deals


Pre-order the brand new FELIX Pro L & XL 2.0 series.


The FELIX 2.0 series has a completely new look and enhanced performance vs the (already great) Pro L & XL 1.0.


The first 10 clients who buy a Pro L or XL 2.0, will receive 20% discount on the price. 


Contact us for a quote and to make a pre-order. 


The delivery of the unit will take place in the first quarter of 2023. 

MORE Black Friday Deals

Pro L & XL

10% discount

View deal below


Comprehensive service on desktop and large 3D printers

View deal below

Filaments 15% off

Discount on all filaments

View deal below

Spare Parts 15% off

Ensure your printer is up to date on hardware

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Pro L & XL

Buy your FELIX Pro L or Pro XL at 10% discount.


The Pro L and XL are built for BIG PERFORMANCE. 


With a build volume of up to 600 x 400 x 600mm, these 3D printers give you the room you need to bring your creations to life. 


The Pro L and XL are fundamentally built to be reliable – a machine you can trust.   


Request a quote or more information to capitalize on this great offer. 

Service Deals

Send us your desktop or large 3D printer and receive a comprehensive service at a fixed price. 


All elements that are included in the service are mentioned here. 


This is the ideal moment to get your desktop or large printer maintained, to ensure proper and efficient working. 



Find the filament you need for the job you want to print. 

Choose from a selection of:

  • PLA & PLA Premium
  • ABS-X
  • ASA-X
  • PETG
  • PVA
  • FLEX
  • WOOD
In a variety of more than 15 colours!


Spare Parts

All spare parts have a discount of 15%.


Select exactly what you need to get your FELIXprinter up and running – or stock up for when you need items you use more often. 


Think of hot-ends, kapton stickers, build plates, nozzles, heat breaks, and more




If you have any questions...

We’re happy to answer any questions or provide help you need regarding the Black Friday Deals.