Amaze your customers with detailed scale models at lower costs

Benefits of 3D printing for Architects:

  • Research concludes customers prefer to hold a real life model to be able to visualize the project best
  • It is very easy to create multiple prints of the same model or change the model compared to traditional methods
  • Many materials available to create a realistic environment
  • It is easy to create complex shapes certainly with 2 extruders and water soluble filament

Why choose FELIXprinters?

  • The best customer service, we want you to print
  • Proven track record, we have been producing 3D printers since 2011
  • Dual head printing, allows you to create the most complex objects.
  • Automatic calibration & filament detection, no errors in adjustments or due to bad filament
  • Open source Filament, you can use filament of any brand you like.