Ideal material to start printing
  • Feels and smells like WOOD

  • Easy to print at low temperature

  • Very low warping

  • Biodegradable

You can now print objects that smell and feel like wood. FELIX Wood filament, containing 30% real wood fibre, is a modified PLA based filament that contains a mixture of recycled wood and binding polymer. The printing process with FELIX Wood is very similar to printing with thermoplastic filaments like ABS and PLA. As this material contains real wood fibre when printing with different temperatures, the prints will have different shades of brown wooden-like surface. Printing at higher temperatures gives your prints darker brown shades. Due to the low shrinkage factor of FELIX Wood it will not deform after cooling. It is a biodegradable plastic made from renewable natural resources.

Size 1.75mm
Tolerance 0.05mm
Specifc weight 1200kg/m3
Amount on spool 0.5 kg
Tensile strength 70MPa
Elongation at break 170%
Tensiole Modulus 1900MPa
Max usage temp 50degC
Printing temp 180 - 210 degC
Bed temp 50 degC
Stiffness 8
Strength 6
Toughness 4
Printability 10
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