FELIX Pro 2 Touch

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FELIX Pro 2 Touch

The smart 3D printer.



The FELIX Pro 2 Touch is a smart 3D printer with Wi-Fi for local connectivity, Interchangeable full-metal hot-ends, highly accurate sensors, and an amazingly low level of noise production. Find out more about the incredible features of the FELIX Pro 2 Touch below.


An intuitive way to 3D print

The Pro 2 Touch has a responsive full color touch screen with wireless connectivity for local wireless operation.. This brings the Pro 2 Touch on a new level of easy of use, which is not yet matched by any printer in this segment of the market. Start printing directly via your personal network from your computer, no need anymore to physically load an SD card or USB stick. With 4GB of internal storage, your print files (gcodes) can be stored with no problems onto the 3D printer. The Felix PRO 2 Touch is truly designed for professionals to focus on what to print, instead of how to print.

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Advanced dual head system

Create the most complex objects

Continue where single head 3D printing stops and enjoy maximum design freedom with the innovative dual head system. Start printing multi-material prints or with soluble support material.

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Iconic Design

Designed for professional performance

The new FELIX Pro 2 Touch design is inspiring. With the modular DNA and proven technology of our award winning FELIX 3 series the machine is reliable and upgradable. Only the best possible components and materials are used to ensure optimal performance.

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32 bit processing power

Silent operation

Noise levels are kept to a minimum. At a noise level of just 34dBA you can enjoy working without interruptions. Our new state of the art motion controller makes the FELIX Pro 2 Touch the most silent desktop 3D printer in its class.

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Filament flow detection

Never a failed print

Reliability does not only come from a great printer, but also the filament quality is an important factor. The filament detection feature prevents your print from being ruined. Saving your valuable time and money.

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High precision technology

Every beginner prints like a Pro

The innovations in the FELIX Pro 2 Touch, were made to make 3D printing as easy as possible. Unique features like a Quick Release build plate and a Quick Release hot-end make it a joy to use your 3D printer.

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FELIX automatic calibration system

Save time, increased reliability

Enjoy next level usability in desktop 3D printing. The first layer of your 3D print is of extreme importance, the auto levelling enables optimal starting conditions without user intervention.

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