FELIX 3.2 - DIY Kit

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FELIX 3.2 - DIY Kit

The versatile robust performer.
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Rigid and Robust

Amazing quality objects

The rigid aluminum frame and robust design
ensure the result of your print job to amaze
everyone you will show.

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Open filament system

Use your preferred filament

Our open filament system let’s you use the
filament of your choice. We supply many
types of filaments ourself: PLA, PET(G), Flex,
ABS, PVA, Wood, Glass, Mineral, though your
choice is not limited to these filaments.

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5 years of upgrades

Proven performance and reliability

The FELIX 3 platform has grown over the last 5
with small incremental upgrades.
The upgrades could be downloaded and were born out of
feedback from our large user base. This makes
the 3D printers around.

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Bring your 3D printer everywhere

With only 9 kg the FELIX 3 is a light weight
3D printer. With it’s convenient handle
it is very easy to carry your printer

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Direct drive extruder

Accurate and versatile

The material is pulled into the extruder very close by the nozzle. This enables precise and reliable
control of material flow. This enables high quality prints and also gives you the ability to print flexible
filaments. Learn more about the technology >>

Upgradable concept

Always up to date with the latest technology

In a world where innovations happen at an extremely
fast pace, we offer a unique modular system which is
able to evolve together with these new innovations by
means of upgrades. Gives you the benefit of staying up
to date a fraction of the costs.

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Powerful 3D print software at your fingertips

The FELIX 3 Series and Simplify3D® Software – a powerful and recommended combination for a fast start-up and optimal 3D print quality.

Another option is Repetier-Host, freely downloadable from our website.

Whatever option you choose, each software works with all our FELIXprinters for mac OS and MS Windows

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