FELIX Starter Set (kapton sheets, dust cleaners, tweezers)

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FELIX Starter Set (kapton sheets, dust cleaners, tweezers)

This set contains all the essential tools to make a great start with your brand new FELIX 3D printer. The set of tools and parts will make it convenient to efficiently start and stop your prints.


The FELIX Starter Set contains the following items:

  • 3 x Kapton sheet (Foil which is placed on top of the print bed)
  • 1 x Set of filament dust cleaners (cleans the filament before entering the print head)
  • 1 x refillable spray container for cleaning liquid (container is shipped empty due to legislation)
  • 1 x Tweezers (to precisely remove objects or remove material from the hot-ends)

Standard kit items

Refillable Spray 

The small refillable spray works very well to clean the print bed. Fill it with cleaning liquid (recommended: Denatured alcohol) and spray a bit on top of the print bed each time before you start a new print. 



Tweezers make it much easier to carefully peel of a 3D printed object from the print bed. It is also a very useful tool to remove any filament residue from the hot-ends. 


Kapton Foil 

During normal usage the kapton foil will be of good quality for a long time. If it occurs the foil gets damaged or you start to see ‘shadows’ from previous prints, you might want to change the current foil for a new one.


Filament Dust Cleaners 

The Dust Cleaners are placed in the guidance tool that guides the filament to the hot-ends. Filament is very often loaded with static electricity, causing dust to stick to the filament. To prevent any dust to be taken into the hot-ends, dust cleaners are used. To make sure the filament will be guided to the hot-ends without any dirt, new dust cleaners need to be placed in the guidance tool once in a while. 


Additonal items 

Additional nozzles 

At some point the tip of a hot-end will be worn out. Usually this only happens after heavy usage but working with exotic filaments (like glow-in-the-dark filament) may speed up the process. Worn out nozzles are visibly recognizable due to the 'flat' tip. 

Extra set of hot-ends 
Want to use one set of hot-ends for special filaments? Or you want to have an extra set of hot-ends available in case something happens? Having a spare set of hot-ends will prevent any delay when you really need to finish an important 3D print! 


0.35 mm cleaning drill 
Sometimes a little piece of material is blocking the tip of the extruder. If extra heat or other tricks do not solve the issue, a small drill can be the solution. 


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