LED Light Upgrade (IKEA JANSJÖ)

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LED Light Upgrade (IKEA JANSJÖ)

Post by bill.gertz » Mon Aug 31, 2015 4:40 pm

Hey if you want an LED light that you can simply point to the area of interest on the print bed, then use this simple hack.

- First
Print a new end cap for the top of double wide extrusion (this can be found http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:993944. The default OpenSCAD settings and Double Wide with One Hole stl files are ready to go for the end cap. You may have to repair the object with netfabb - still debugging why it's not manifold. Otherwise use the attached fixed stl file.

Get the JANSJÖ lamp at IKEA (I think it cost something around 10 EUR or 15 USD)

Take apart the lamp and discard the clamping base. Wire the lamp through the hole in the extrusion to get to the extrusion center shaft. Screw the lamp through the new end cap and into the the threaded center shaft. (The threads are different but it will catch - just don't destroy the the extrusion threading by over tightening)

When finished it should look like the attached photos.


I used the switch that came with the lamp but moved it down further on the wire.
Lamp Extrusion Cap v1.1.stl
Netfabb'ed and ready to print
(26.35 KiB) Downloaded 67 times
Lamp Wiring
Finished Mod
End Cap Closeup

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