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I've figured out how to set up Cura 3.2.1 for my Tec 4 Dual, and also with a Mosaic Palette+.

Zip file is enclosed. To install the files, on the Mac go to the Applications folder and ctrl-click on the Cura application and select "Show Package Contents". Navigate to the resources folder. The felixtec4.def.json and felixtec4_palette.def.json files go in the definitions folder, the son files with numbers before .def (e.g. felixtec4_palette1.def.json) go in the extruders folder, the STL goes in the meshes folder, and the .35 and .50 files go in the variants folder.

On Windows the equivalent folders can be found under C:Program Files
When you restart Cura after placing these files, you should see the two printer options available in the "Other" section.

Why Cura? I also have Simplify3D, and find that Cura does better with fine detail and has some options that Simplify3D lacks. Simplify3D, on the other hand, still has layer-based profile switching, custom supports, and a few features that Cura lacks. Which I use depends on the circumstances.
Felix Tec4 Printer Files for Cura 3.2.1
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I just updated the profile I loaded on GitHub with better starting g-code. Basically, the process I followed was to edit a .json file in the resources/definitions folder with the settings I pulled off of the Simplify3D profile. The mapping is usually pretty clear. The Pro probably has somewhat different starting g-code settings. I could make a profile for the pro, but wouldn't be able to test it as I don't have one. But if you are still interested, I could whip one together in a few minutes and post it here. If you then test it out and verify that it works, I could put it on GitHub for inclusion in future versions.
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